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What Does “GREEN” Mean?
Recycled – Recyclable –Energy Savings – Reusable – Sustainable

With no standards on how to actually define what is eco-friendly, Creative Promo Girls decided to offer some thoughts to help you understand and separate what is truly green in our promotional products industry, from what is no more than a green color.  It’s all over…in magazines, in newspapers, in boardroom meetings and the media.  ”Go green, reduce Your Carbon Footprint.”  There is no more important hot-button topic, at least in regard to the future of our planet is concerned.  As the earth’s population grows the potential for waste and inefficient use of valuable resources, increase.  Here are some terms used that will help you know more about green and how it relates to the promotional products industry.

Recycled:  Items that are destined for disposal, reclaimed and converted into new products. Products that are made from recycled materials.  EX: Tote bags made from recycled plastic bottles.
Reusable:  Products that are created with the intent to be used in place of a disposable item. EX: Mugs that may not be green, but are used instead of Styrofoam cups. Each year 25 million Styrofoam cups are used once and thrown away.  If we use one cup a day/ 365 a year that amounts to 23 pounds of waste annually that each of us produce, and makes up 30% of our landfills and takes 500 years to dissolve.
Recyclable:  Products that can be recycled, like notepads and sticky notes 
Energy Savings: Items that were created with greener energy.
Sustainable:  Products or practices that don’t harm the environment through their life cycle and are produced with a minimal amount of energy and packaging may be recycled after use.

Our “Preferred Suppliers” are taking serious proactive steps to manage their resources and reduce waste. For example, many are: 
  • Using water-soluble inks that are easier to use and safer to dispose of
  • Products produced with post-recycled & reusable materials
  • Massive recycling efforts in the offices and warehouses
  • Corrugated boxes are captured and prepared for recycling
  • Plastics are separated out as well
  • Replacing old light bulbs with low-energy light bulbs
  • Producing planet-friendly products
  • Manufacturing fabric with environmental benefits (no toxic materials)
  • Reducing waste, utilize renewable power ….to name a few

While many eco-friendly products come with a higher price tag. However, using green products sends a marketing message that the companies are concerned about the world and the global climate.  

Let’s all think beyond today, think about small ways we can make a positive impact on the environment for the future.   Embrace small daily changes and encourage others to join. Every piece of paper not printed, every disposable cup not used, every light bulb switched out for a low-energy bulb….. makes a difference!
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